Align started 2021 with an innovative and reinventive focus to match the pace and evolution of the technology and IT infrastructure landscape. We want to ensure our offerings continue to exceed our client’s expectations, and we are excited to present our 2021 Asset Point Roadmap, which outlines all new release items for the coming year 

Asset Point and Asset Scan underwent various client-requested enhancements in 2020 that focused on key areas of functionality and the user experience. The Align team takes pride in working closely with our clients to ensure every detail is accounted for and each new enhancement is not only practical, but immediately improves the overall experience. With the release of our new 2021 Asset Point Roadmap, we are now able to provide a timeline and outline of this year’s upgrades, which will be featured in Asset Point and Asset Scan Version 7.2.1. 

Version 7.2.1 Snapshot:

Asset Point

  • Upgraded Admin module and new Asset Point look and feel 
  • Additional fields in Building and IT Room tables 
  • PDF version of graphics compatible across multiple browsers 
  • Improved logging for Ldap user activities 
  • Enhanced user management 

Asset Scan

  • Asset Scan compatibility with iOS 14 
  • Blackberry SDK upgrade and testing 
  • Mobile Iron upgrade and testing 
  • Microsoft Intune SDK implementation and testing 
  • Old iOS deprecated code removal and updates 
  • Asset Scan lite version update 
  • Legacy build upgrade

Full 2021 Roadmap

Download our 2021 Roadmap to explore all of the new enhancements.